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Short Bio

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With over a decade of software sorcery under my belt, I've navigated through a colorful array of digital landscapes. My journey in the tech realm has encompassed a wide spectrum of skills and domains. From shaping captivating user interfaces in the front-end to architecting robust backend services, I've relished the art of bringing concepts to life through code.

Through this journey, I've found my passion for problem-solving illuminated by the avenue of software development, allowing me to create elegant solutions that tackle intricate challenges head-on.

While there isn't a Wikipedia page about me yet (sorry folks!), a media bio is available below.


In my day job, I find myself as part of the talented team at Amigo Partnership, a digital agency dedicated to crafting tailor-made solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients.

My days are filled with weaving digital threads into bespoke deliverables that cater to the unique needs of each client's vision. Leading the internal dev team, I have the privilege of concocting novel features, meticulously refining performance, and shaping innovative solutions. It's a bit like orchestrating a tech symphony!

Beyond hanging out with mis Amigos, I'm the CTO at Commit Casa, cooking up stuff with a brilliant tech squad that's dedicated to making products and services not just cool, but Fort Knox-level secure and bullet-train performant. Serving agencies as an integrated (but remote) white-labelled dev hub.

Work Experience

  • Dec 2020 Present
    Lead Developer
    Amigo Partnership
    As Lead Developer at Amigo Partnership, I am responsible for the entire client portfolio, the agency's online presence and the development of the agency's digital products.
    Dec 2019 Dec 2020
    Senior Full-stack Engineer
    Amigo Partnership
    I joined Amigo Partnership initially as a consultant to finalise a Shopify build, but the role quickly evolved into a full-time position as Senior Full-stack Engineer. And later Lead Developer.
  • July 2019 Dec 2019
    Senior Front-end Developer
    I enjoyed about 6 months at Underwaterpistol, working on various Shopify sites. I was responsible for the front-end development and working on custom Shopify apps.
  • Sep 2018 June 2019
    Senior Front-end Developer
    Commerce Centric
    At Commerce Centric, I was hired as a contractor to work on three key clients. I was tasked with building bespoke WordPress themes and was responsible for production deployments.
  • M
    Feb 2017 Sep 2018
    Front-end Developer
    Marbella Web
    I joined Marbella Web as a consultant to help working on their various client's projects with primary focus on Shopify and WordPress.
  • Jan 2016 Present
    Senior Full-stack Engineer
    Freelance Contractor
    In 2016 I got my first client for a web project. This ignited my passion for web development and I have been working as a freelance contractor ever since. From PHP noob to JS Wizard.

Let's Connect

If you're up for a virtual chat, I'm just a tweet or an email away. Let's geek out about projects, share a chuckle over tech mishaps, or brainstorm ideas that might just change the world 鈥 one line of code at a time. While freelance quests aren't on my plate right now, I'm all ears for exciting opportunities that align with my digital adventures.

Remember, technology is a journey, and I'm on the lookout for kindred spirits to join me on this remarkable ride. Stay curious and keep coding!